Feb 27, 2019

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village

Gallery - Moegi-no-mura Whimsical Village

During the weekend before Valentine's Day, I had some girlfriends visit me in my small humble town during the 3-day weekend. We had a little "Galentine's" road trip. We decided to rent a car from the capital of Yamanashi, Kofu instead of taking public transportation for our two-day road trip.

The first part of our road trip was a day at the Fujiten Snow Resort! I think a skiing/ snowboarding date is a typical romantic type of date for Valentine's, White Day, or any kind of date. Sadly, I am not going to elaborate on that date, because on our second part of our road trip, we visited the most magical fairy tale-like place. I will make another post on the ski trip date and link it later. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

Now, to begin a perfect date spot in a fairy tale village~ 

When asking a local resident co-worker of mine, where I could take my two girlfriends nearby, he suggested Kiyosato, Hokuto. It is about a 45-60 min drive from Kofu with a beautiful view of surrounding ice-capped mountains and the country. The particular fairy tale village we went to visit was Moegi-no-Mura Village. This cozy little village was built in the 70's with European influence, as you can see with the rustic-style architecture of the cottage-like buildings. Just coming here during the winter, you can feel the Christmas-vibe. The village is spaciously spread across a huge lot of land surrounded by forest. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo


There are many cute shops around the village that sell homemade art and craft trinkets and other souvenir items. I bought a cute astronomical watch from one of the gift shops.

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

I also bought some matching cat pins with my girlfriends to remember this eventful date. We bought it from a shop with only cat goods.

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

The exterior decor was adorable. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

One thing that I thought was interesting marketing was that, depending on the weather, each store had a discount on certain items. The day we visited, the temperature was pretty low, making the discount at 50%! Our lucky day! 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

There was also a lot of dog merchandise that was so adorable!!

Food and Drink

There is a famous restaurant in Moegi-no-Mura Village called "Rock" that many people were waiting in line for. Looking inside it looked like a pub with a brewery selling local beer. I recommend going when the restaurant opens because the line was very long. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

We did buy a beer inside at the "Rock Store". We tried the Yatsugatake Beer Touchdown "ALT", which was on sale! It had a fruity refreshing taste. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

What I mainly came to this village for was to try the Kiyosato Milk Plant ice cream. We got it with chocolate, mango, and strawberry toppings. It was 50%-off because of the weather too!

Pet Friendly

Another great thing about this village is that it was pet friendly. It looked like a place where animal lovers met up with their pets. I mainly saw dog meet ups. It was interesting to see 10 different dogs of the same breed all hanging out together. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

Music Box Museum

There is a music museum in Moegi-no-Mura Village as well. We didn't enter since there was a small admission fee, but you are free to check out the gift shop, which to me was a museum in itself. 

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

There were music boxes in all shapes and sizes, with many familiar tunes from classical to Studio Ghibli, Disney, and Jpop (RADWIMPS)! 


To complete this fairy tale date, we topped it off with a merry-go-round! Wow!! What is more romantic than a cliché merry go round ride?

Romantic Date Spot - A Fairy Tale Village photo

I brought my instax camera to capture the beauty of this wonderful village. The photo came out looking very vintage. 



Yamanashi Prefecture

Hokuto Takane-cho Kiyosato 3545 


10:00 to 18:00 (summer) 

10:00 to 17:00 (winter)

Summer: May - November

Winter season: December - April

Open 7 days a week



Finally living my kawaii dreams in Japan~
(eating a lot of snacks)