Apr 21, 2019

Frito Lay - Mike Popcorn TKG

Once again, I was shopping around the snack section when I came across one of my favorite Sanrio characters, Gudetama. I'm sure you have seen this adorable, lazy... egg. Once seeing this cute packaging, without reading it, and only seeing "popcorn", I threw it into my cart. Little did I know, I have made a terrible mistake haha. 

Frito Lay - Mike Popcorn TKG photo

Seeing that is is made by Frito Lay, I was wondering what kind of flavor would a popcorn with a picture of Gudetama be? 

Frito Lay - Mike Popcorn TKG photo

Frito Lay - Mike Popcorn TKG photoStill without knowing what flavor I have bought, I opened the package and instantly a familiar smell came out. It smelled a little weird to be on popcorn. It smelled exactly like my Tamago kake gohan (TKG) sauce that I put on my egg and rice.... I immediately flipped the package over and saw Gudetama with "Tamago kake gohan" (卵かけごはん), meaning "egg on rice". 

I was a little grossed out by this flavor. I'm not sure if it's because I did not expect it, or because it reminded me of eating my egg on rice, but as a popcorn, which I'm usually used to a salty and buttery taste (sometimes even sweet). I tried a few pieces, but I simply could not finish it. I was disappointed and had to throw away the entire thing. 

Unless you really love the Tamago kake gohan flavor (which I thought I did), I would not recommend this. It tastes the exact same as if you were to pour the sauce directly to the popcorn. I guess I learned my lesson, not to be deceived by cute packaging. 



Finally living my kawaii dreams in Japan~
(eating a lot of snacks)