Sep 18, 2016

My life depends on ice cream, Mt. Takao and number fourteen. (11:14)

For as long as the world won’t stop, I swear not to stand still. I’ll twist my hair when it gets too warm and feel every drip of sweat that comes with it. The rain will dampen every inch of me, but I will keep on whispering as its drops make music to fill my ears. The smell of life and all its glorious atrocities and its beautiful surprises.

"Generally, these sculptures are called Dosojin, protector of travelers and pedestrians. "

Funny how twenty-six years have passed and I still feel like a little kid inside. It’s such a joke trying to be an adult. It was always a struggle. I thought coming here would seal the deal. It was like, “Hey, you’re going away. Welcome to the adult club!”. Nope. It was more of like, “Hey, silly. Live and learn and learn some more.”

Trail 6 was a good choice.

Every single day, I find a piece of a puzzle. A puzzle that I was always trying to complete for I have always believed that I needed a purpose. Now, I know it doesn’t have to be a requirement to find that purpose for us to find a direction in life. Jeez, that’s tiring. What if you end up not finding that purpose and realize that all you did in life is trying to find it.

Green Day

I just appreciate every puzzle piece that I come across. A new song that makes me bust some moves, that silly commercial on that huge electronic billboard, my glasses confirming how scared I am of spiders, the limited edition Coke bottle, the old man asking me if I was okay as I was panting like crazy, having dinner with a new found friend on my birthday. Some of the pieces I have collected for the past few days.

I’ll keep them all in there. They don’t have to match each other. They’re just there and I’ll wait until they pull some strings. They all matter to me.

The Panting Monster greeting other hikers.

I take pride in how my parents have showed me a small part of the world which holds the biggest portion of my heart. ( Please excuse me for just spitting out random verses. My brain is a commotion. Kisses to you. )

Stairs are inspiring. Not.

Love, Family, Friends. I love you from my bones to its marrows. Thank you to all who have given me pieces of your lives, may it be good or not. Yep, you’re all a part of this 26-year old human being.

Worst part of solo travel? Taking my own picture. The best? No need to pose awkwardly. But here? Still awkward.

Oh and I traveled by myself on my birthday! A first of hopefully more solo strikes and misses. I still don’t feel like an adult by traveling solo and I think I don’t have to be.

The so-called cool feet shots. Uncool and cool. Nah.

I’ve always feared of walking the path alone because I thought it was scary and I thought I would just end up with a dry mouth ( I managed to talk to myself for almost half of the short hike though. if you’ll ask) . But I did it on my 26th and my heart was just about to burst. Nope, it wasn’t because I had to drag myself on this hiking expedition and got too tired ( I am obviously exaggerating things, am I not? ), but because I am happy I did something that I thought I could never do because I have set borders upon myself for I thought it wasn’t my purpose- you know, traveling by myself. But yeah, I did it and you can, too!

Was not tired. Was not sleepy. I just tried to fool myself. It worked!

Okay, me want to have a bit of a shut-eye now and think of ice cream and elephants as I sleep. All I want to say is that don’t stay still, walk the earth and share your love.

I heart you.

Fog watching with my new friend, Maz!



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