Oct 1, 2016

The Four-Eyed Raven. (Game of Thrones, anyone?) Buying a pair of specs in Japan!

I worked as an English teacher online for almost three years before and after that, I had a short stint as a web content writer. And that my friend, is how you ruin your eyesight.

I’ve had three pairs of eyeglasses already with different grades for each since I was born to be stubborn. I only used them when I needed to. I didn’t fancy the idea of something being placed on my face, but I know I had to.

Here are some of the frames that they offer.

Before leaving the Philippines, I had to do an eye check-up and I learned that I have a severe case of nearsightedness. The doctor told me I had to wear my glasses all the time. And I decided to do so..in the first few days after having them.

So I came to Japan fully-prepared being a four-eyed human being. However, a month ago my mind just went blank and I couldn’t remember where I placed them. And don’t start telling me about contact lenses. Ever since I saw my college classmate struggled placing those lens on one of her eyes, I cannot fathom the idea of putting them on my own eyes. However, I want to try to use them in the future, as awful as it seems to be, at least for me and my weird self.

As I’ve said, I lost my glasses and it feels bad not being able to see everything well from afar. Back in the Philippines, I have experienced taking the wrong public transport because I would often not wear my glasses.

In Japan, I want to prevent it from happening so after a month of parting ways with my third pair I finally went to this optician in Shibuya. One of my students recommended me this shop called Jin’s. I chose to visit the one located on the third floor of the Lumine Man building on Meiji-dori.

Luckily, a foreigner works in that branch so I did not struggle when it comes to communicating with the staff. My Japanese is terrible and it’s difficult to know the English speaking ability of the Japanese staff, so props to the company for having a foreigner-friendly branch.

The cheapest frames cost 4900 Yen excluding tax and they already come with the lenses. Others range from 6900 - 9900 Yen. If you want to attach the special lens then you need to add 4000 yen to the price of the frames that you have chosen. The service was pretty fast although I did not expect the place to be busy at around 8 - 9 PM.

I went back for my glasses the next day because I didn’t want to wait. Overall, I would say that this pair is actually a lot better than my previous ones. Cleaning it is easy and it’s light so it’s not that much of a hassle to wear it.

They have magazines on the corner for the bored souls.

Ah, but the best thing of them all? After a month of being blind, I couldn’t contain my happiness of finally seeing everything clearly again. I can avoid getting lost and I can do people watching again. Oh, well. Goodness me! So if you have problems with your second set of eyes, then I recommend you to check out Jin’s. See you guys in my next blog!

Here's my new baby with my favorite coffee.

Here’s a link of their website if you want to check out their locations and frame designs.



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