Mar 14, 2019

Review of ‘The Farmer’s Green Tea’

There are so many types of green tea in every single market we walk into and even if the selection was limited to only the green tea from Shizuoka, how can we know which one is good and which one would match our preference?

One would think that the farmers themselves would know what the best tea is, so out of all the types of green tea from Shizuoka I found at a nearby supermarket, I purchased this “Yabukita Farmer’s Green Tea” for a taste test.

I bought this 350g green tea for less than 500 yen (including tax), and I quite enjoy the transparent packaging that allows customers to see the green tea leaves clearly upon purchasing. 

The package states that a unique feature of this tea is its strong scent and its strong color. When I made the tea that very night, that was precisely the result. The deep yellow-green color was very different from the green tea I am used to drinking at work or at restaurants. 

Review of ‘The Farmer’s Green Tea’ photo

The scent of green tea quickly filled the kitchen, and just smelling it makes me want to sit down in front of the TV and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, nothing on TV was to my interest, so I only had the tea on the sofa while admiring the chill and sunny day outside. 

The taste of the tea was similar to what the package suggested. Although I had burnt my tongue during the first sip due to the tea being too hot, I could very much taste the bitterness of the green tea. For someone like me who used to drink bottled tea, it was rather too bitter at first. But that means I can add less tea leaves next time to adjust the favor. 

After a while, I got over the bitterness and enjoyed it. This got me thinking about the fact that I am now living in a different country. The strong flavor of the tea felt so unfiltered and genuine, kind of like a, “this is the real flavor of the country” feeling. 

Review of ‘The Farmer’s Green Tea’ photo

Right, I have been living in Japan for quite a portion of my life now, and I am no longer being "presented" Japan, rather I am seeing the country and understanding it with my whole eyes now. 

Just like this tea. It is not some fancy packaged tea with gold labels and awards printed on it. It is just “the farmer’s tea”, as transparent as it could be. I just had to taste it myself.

Just like that, my Sunday afternoon turned into studying for JLPT.

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