Feb 26, 2016

Found the Tastiest Hamburger in Tokyo

Found the Tastiest Hamburger in Tokyo photo
This week I went to try a hamburger highly recommended by a friend.

The name of the restaurant in Martini Burger (マティーニバーガー).  You can find it in Shinjuku, about a 10-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station.

Made with 100% beef, these burgers are as juicy as they come and super delicious!

I ordered a burger topped with mushrooms, gouda cheese, and béarnaise sauce (the Brooklyn).  My friend … I can’t remember.  Anyway, they said it was great.

You’ve got to pay for this kind of quality though.  The burgers here are around triple the price of a McDonald’s.  My order: burger ~ 1,600 yen + drink ~ 400 yen.  2,000 yen for one!
Found the Tastiest Hamburger in Tokyo photo
That said, I don’t hear of many great burger restaurants in Tokyo, and if you were to head here for lunch you might be able to get a cheaper deal on certain orders.

The restaurant atmosphere is good (definitely a step of from the fast food burger places).  At these kind of prices this is not a place I (personally) can go regularly, but maybe once a month, or something like that.  Just as a little treat!

Anyway, for now, with spring coming soon, I’m looking forward to a cherry blosson party.  Maybe this place does burgers to take out!


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