Jan 12, 2016

I Ate Some Delicious Sura Tanmen (スーラータンメン)!

 I Ate Some Delicious Sura Tanmen (スーラータンメン)! photo

There are many Chinese restaurants to choose from in Tokyo.  When it comes to スーラータンメン / Sura Tanmen (a noodle dish), though, I recommend this one …

The restaurant is called 揚州商人 / Yousyu Syonin.  It’s a chain store with branches in a variety of locations.  As for the taste of the スーラータンメン; it has a reputation for being a little sour, but it is also very rich bodied, and thick, which makes for a great taste.  Well, for me anyway!

The price is a reasonable, 900 yen.

Perhaps the best thing though, is that many of the Yousyu Syonin stores in the Tokyo area stay open late, until 4 am.  So, if, in the middle of the night you have a craving for some Chinese food, maybe you can sneak out to one of their restaurants!

 I Ate Some Delicious Sura Tanmen (スーラータンメン)! photo

The one I went to recently (in the pictures) can be found near my home in Musashi Koyama (武蔵小山).  As you can see, there are no other customers.  This is because I went there at 2 am!

The スーラータンメン is really good here, but the 小籠包 (sour dumplings) also come recommended.

Yes, there are so many Chinese restaurants in Tokyo, but, for me, this makes finding a good one that little bit more difficult.

So, it you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.  Thanks.



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  • Tomuu

    on Jan 12

    Nice post, Junko. Can't say I'd ever heard of Sura Tanmen. I'll be keeping an eye out for it from now on.