Apr 11, 2018

New York Doughnut?

Oh sometimes, when I'm hungry and anything weird and cheap looks good, I buy some stupid kashipan. Japan has such good kashipan (literally sweet breads) that I need to stop even trying the factory made packaged type. They are cheaper, but never actually good. The tiny freshly baked bakery type is always better.

I was super curious about this one though. Is there a New York style donut? I don't think it looks like this if there is.

New York Doughnut? photo

I had to research. This might be a weird hybrid super dense (cake type) twist? It isn't anything like images I could find with a Google search.

The taste was substandard: stale or just too dense, not at all sweet, mildly chocolate flavored at best. Still what fills the stomach for a brief time does it's job I guess.  



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