Apr 29, 2018

Goal-den Week

Goal-den Week photo

Where does the name Golden Week come from?

Anyway, for me it's a Golden Opportunity to stay at home, avoid the crowds, and get some projects done. That's why this year I'm joking that it's Goal-den Week. I had made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish on my three day weekend and again on the four day weekend.

As fate would have it, on my last work day of the week, I woke up at four in the morning with a sore throat and fever, my voice was almost gone and I was unfit for getting out of bed.

Why is it that we tend to get sick during the only times we get a break from work?

My Goals for the weekend quickly changed to getting some rest and sorting out the fact that I would not be in at work on Friday but would make it on Tuesday (I hope). The nasty cold in addition to a migraine didn't allow me to get a thing done on Friday.

By Saturday I had cabin fever from being home all day when the weather was so perfect outside, but had no energy.

After a pain killer and some coffee took care of the migraine (finally) I felt so much better but no not well enough to go out. It became a day to try to rest my busy mind, do a few easy little things, and spend some time thinking.

That night, the throbbing earache started up. I only slept for a couple hours between the coughing and overall being uncomfortable, but all I could think about was how I wished I could just go for a nice walk to the library.

After feeling a lot better in the morning (although unable to sleep past five am) I still decided to use the full arsenal of medications I had at home. I'm so over this infection.

I'm afraid the next couple days will also be full of boredom stuck inside, but maybe I'll be able to manage some of the tasks on my Gold-den Week List. Hopefully next weekend will be back to normal as there are a couple outings already planned.

So have you made some Goals for your Goal-den Week this year? There's nothing wrong with just getting some extra rest, if that's what you need. Take care everyone!



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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 29

    That's some bad timing. Still, I try to take getting sick on days off as chance to indulge in doing absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it. If it's any consolation, I went to the beach for a surf this morning at around 4:30 am and came back around 9-10 am, and the traffic heading in the direction I was coming back from was insane. There's a whole bunch of people who will be spending most of the day stuck in their cars by the looks of things. If it's a choice between being stuck in a car in a traffic jam or being sick at home, I'll go with being sick at home. Hope you're fighting fit for the second part of GW.

  • genkidesu

    on Apr 29

    I definitely find that those breaks from routine and a chance for some downtime seem to be when I get sick, too! Defence mechanism, maybe? I love the idea though of a goal-den week being a chance to get some things ticked off the to-do list...I absolutely avoid travel at this time of year at all costs, so relaxing at home and getting some things I've been putting off done is a huge help!