Dec 27, 2017

'Many Children' New Year Food

Osechi ryouri: Kazu no ko

'Many Children' New Year Food photo

Traditional new year food includes herring roe, or kazu no ko. It sounds like, 'number of children.'

A couple of my students have told me their favorite new year food is kazu no ko so I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about and try it. As nigiri zushi.

I've been told it's very salty, but this one wasn't especially. The texture is more what threw me off. It's really crunchy in an unexpected way, but not in a way I would call pleasant. I didn't really like it, but am glad I got the chance to try it out at a reasonable price (100 yen at Sushirou).

More about osechi and their meanings here!



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