Jan 19, 2019

Sayonara Heisei

Sayonara Heisei photo

At Tsutaya I saw this "Sayonara Heisei" special edition writing (on a notebook or I forget what it was exactly) from 1989, when the era last changed.

This lead me to ponder, "What will the next era be named?"

I guess we won't know for a couple months (around April 1st is expected). It's kinda exciting to be living in Japan during the gengo, era changing time, for my first time. It will most likely be sort of uneventful for most people, but I heard we should watch the ceremony and news on TV. 

The only rules I know for choosing the name of the era are it must be a two kanji non-word in Japanese with an auspicious meaning and can't have the initial letters of the previous four eras. (This means it can't start with M, T, S or H. I would like to name it Houfu for abundance, if it weren't for these rules.) In addition, the kanji chosen are usually not too difficult as we will need to learn how to read and write them in everyday situations.

What do you think the next era will be named? Any suggestions, if you were given the sole responsibility to name the new era? 



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