Jul 2, 2018

Rainy Days of Summer

Rainy Days of Summer photo

The rainy season and summer storms in Japan are shown by cute illustrations of snails, frogs, raindrops, hydrangeas, umbrellas, and rain boots on everything. Maybe that's Japan's way of being optimistic about an uncomfortably hot and humid season.

Here are my Rainy Day Positives and Negatives


The rain relieves some humidity. The clouds make June mostly cool compared with the sunny and humid days during July and August. After a good rain, the humidity lets up a little, for a while at least.

Don't need to water the plants and I actually get scared they'll get too much water during storms. The balcony is covered, but if the wind is going the right way, the windows get washed and the plants get watered. The plants seem to like rain water way more than tap water too.

The rain makes everything super green. I love the lush green spring and summer landscapes here in Kyushu. The rivers also fill up and it's interesting to walk along the river path near where we live.

Summer storms are a little fun. The kid in me sort of enjoys watching pouring huge raindrops and listening to the thunder. (That is if I get to stay at home. And if the loud rain and / or thunder isn't interrupting my sleep. )

It's a good excuse to stay at home and read or get other things done. And it's not usually rainy all day. I often find the night and morning are the most humid times here, so I get out after it cools down in the evening if I can.

Rainy Days of Summer photo


We still have to go out when it's pouring sometimes, even when we don't drive. This is one of the times I sometimes rationalize taking the bus, if it's a convenient time to go by bus. It's usually easier to grab my umbrella and put on my rain boots or wear a kappa and ride a bike.

I think it's sort of hilarious and pointless to go out when it's dumping 30+ mm an hour rain, but it doesn't usually last that long so it can be worth it to go early or wait until it lets up. When I have to go out, there's no getting around it and I sort of pout and get in a bad mood when I know I'm about to get drenched. 

We need to be prepared for the spontaneous storm. It's best to always have an umbrella or towel and be prepared to take cover in the event of a sudden downpour. It's fun as long as you aren't on the way to work and trying to look professional. I tend to look more homeless and grumpy on rainy days when I'm out trying to get to work without getting too wet.

Crazy humidity. It's just uncomfortable. I feel grumpy most of the summer season for lack of sleep and alternating between air conditioned indoors and humid outdoors. We are of the keeping the windows open all the time home, rather than using the air all the time. We do use it for the afternoon during the days that get up around 35 degrees. I think this summer we might use it more often, for our sanity, but haven't turned it on yet as of July 2nd. 



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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 2

    We had a day of crazy, torrential-like rain on Saturday, and then Sunday was back to hot hot hot again. I'm on the fence with which one drives me nuts more!

  • helloalissa

    on Jul 2

    @genkidesu The pouring rain is only fun (?) if we can stay home all day. I understand why some people hate the rainy season and intentionally plan their overseas trips then. Not a bad idea for next year...