Nov 13, 2017

A Yakisoba Flavor I Didn't Expect

I randomly chose a discounted yakisoba at the supermarket the other day because that sounded good. There was a discount sticker covering part of what I later noticed was a flavor.

While cooking it back at home, I noticed it said 'tomato and cheese' and was confused. 

If I had looked closely at the package, I would have noticed it says, 'Italian.' I only glanced at the back to see the recommended veggies to add and thought it was weird they suggested green peppers. As we had some of the veggies they suggested, I went with those. 

The taste was 'Japanese Spaghetti' we decided. It was not the taste I was looking for. It was edible and a little interesting to try. I've never seen a yakisoba flavor - they're always just yakisoba sauce flavor. This was slightly pink instead of the usual brownish color.

Have you ever seen a flavored yakisoba? Would you try it on purpose?



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