Nov 26, 2017

Lotte Calvados: Apple Brandy Chocolate

Lotte Calvados: Apple Brandy Chocolate photo

These are a limited seasonal product, sold every winter along with the Rummy (rum raisin) and Bacchus brandy chocolate liqueurs.

I don't think I need to convince anyone. If you like chocolate and a little alcohol, you'll enjoy these.

They're really sweet and use a lighter chocolate than I would normally eat, but that's the worst thing I can say about them. (Except maybe that they're a little too addictive and I don't need to be eating more than a couple of them at a time.)

Lotte Calvados: Apple Brandy Chocolate photo

The packs of 12 chocolates are affordable for something slightly fancy. They aren't individually wrapped like some of the chocolate liqueurs for sale for the new year or Valentine's Day, but the quality is similar. I've only bought them when they're at around 150 yen or less, but some stores sell them for over 200 yen each.



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  • genkidesu

    on Nov 26

    Going to go on the hunt for these this week! They sound divine!