Mar 29, 2019

Afternoon Tea Latte Flavored Potato Chips

Afternoon Tea Latte Flavored Potato Chips photo

You may have seen potato chips covered in chocolate, which is strange enough. I had the chance to try a couple and they weren't bad. Somehow the salty and crunchy chips fit with the sweet chocolate, but they were completely coated on one side, so it it was too much sweetness for me. 

I sometimes see other seasonal chocolate potato chips but have never been willing to try them. They fit into the weird snacks in Japan category for sure. The above photo is Calbee's weird Afternoon Tea Latte Chocolate Potato Chips. So strange and I guess I was in the mood to be adventurous. I think the bag was only about 80 yen.

I brought them to my husband's parents' house and we were all curious about this weird snack. Everyone ate a few and sort of said, 'hmmm.' As expected, the amount of flavors is a bit much, but they weren't horrible. If four of us didn't want to finish a tiny bag, that's not exactly a win either.



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