Mar 18, 2019

Weird Japanese 'Sandwiches'

One of the things that I noticed quickly when I visited Japan the first time was the weird 'sandwiches.' They are some foods in between bread, but not easily recognizable as what the western world would identify as a sandwich.

A prime example in this season is 7-11's version of the fruit sandwich: All strawberry for the winter / spring, and because it isn't scary enough, pink bread.

Weird Japanese 'Sandwiches' photo

I will say no thank you to this tempting mess and stick with straight fresh strawberries. Similar fruit salad versions are available year round, for the interested.

Next up is the too much carbohydrate version of the sandwich.

These are available in the forms of potato croquette, spaghetti, and yaki soba, generally in a hot dog bun / roll. Not horrible if you're after too much carbohydrate, once in a great while. 

Weird Japanese 'Sandwiches' photoWeird Japanese 'Sandwiches' photo

Sometimes you will get lucky and see the above in a pack of 'mix sandwich' with the regulars, egg salad, tuna, and ham & cheese. Mixing spaghetti with tuna in a 'sandwich' is enough to make me cringe in horror.

I have never, once, seen a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in Japan.



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