Nov 1, 2018

Shiquasa Potato Chips!

Okinawan Flavor Shiquasa lime potato chips with Ishigaki Island sea salt (by Calbee) are better than I expected.

Shiquasa Potato Chips! photo

Complete with a stereotypical Okinawan package design, right?

I picked these up impulsively and decided they sounded great and were worth a try. Usually I'm not one to buy potato chips, but like probably every girl in Japan, I love them. The problem is I don't wanna buy them all the time, so in general I never do. Can't remember the last time I did.

I may have gotten myself into a little trouble, but I think these Calbee chips are limited edition. I didn't see that printed on the package and it's not summer anymore, so maybe not.

The 58 gram bag is big enough to share, or eat on your own if you're into that. It was under 100 yen including tax from our local supermarket.

Shiquasa Potato Chips! photo

On first open, the smell was familiar – like salt and vinegar chips but slightly different. The appearance is the same as those or most potato chips and they feel oily as usual.

There isn't a vinegar taste, but along those lines, the shiquasa lime flavor adds that acidic balance to the salt that makes it a perfect match. The crispy chips are typical of Calbee brand and a nice treat.

Shiquasa Potato Chips! photo

The package says shiquasa lime juice powder is used along with the sea salt collected from the island of Ishigaki in Okinawa Prefecture. Too bad they don't grow potatoes in Okinawa too.

I'm not already looking for excuses to buy these again, but they would be perfect for camping, picnics, road trips, and parties. If you're already missing summer, the Okinawan flavor might be perfect. I'm a fan of the sea salt and pretty much any salty and crispy snacks. Nothing to improve on these for me. Maybe a bigger size? 

Have you seen any other Prefecture themed flavors for potato chips?



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