Jul 5, 2018

Like Back Home

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Thank you Royal Host, for your garlic toast. An obviously green garlic pesto sauce is spread on the toast, and is so lovely. Super salty and oily, it tastes like garlic bread from back home. The biggest difference is the portion size.

There are foods in Japan that I've completely given up on. For example “Caesar salad” that doesn't use romaine lettuce.

You're doing it wrong.

Wikipedia said it's made with romaine. 

There's sometimes confusion about where garlic bread and Caesar salad are even from.

Italy right?

Nope, they're American.

So I think it's okay if I say they're doing it wrong.

It seems the foreign foods in Japan are just prepared differently than foods in the US. Sometimes the Japanese version is healthier, uses more readily available ingredients, or is different but still yummy. Sometimes I disagree that it is even the food that they call it.

I can say the same exact thing for the “Japanese food” in the US. Almost always, they're doing it wrong. (I refuse to eat at most Japanese restaurants there because they think the only thing we eat in Japan is sushi. They also love to feature makizushi with rice on the outside, cream cheese, and avocados. I mean I love avocado, but that's some Bourgeoisie sushi.)

In a lot of ways, it's fun to try the Japanese version of Thai food for example. Or the Hong Kong version of Thai food, as opposed to the US version – but only because I haven't been to Thailand yet to try the real thing. Once I do, I might feel like our imitations are horrible.

What food from your country does Japan not usually get right?

*Please share with me if you know a restaurant in Japan that gets Caesar salad right. I can almost never find romaine lettuce, so growing that and making my own seems to be the best option.



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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 5

    Not specifically Aussie, but something I love from back home are fish and chips. I think maybe they're classified as more British than Australian. Every place I've been in Japan for fish and chips uses weird fish varieties for it, or it's just far too greasy for my liking.