Aug 5, 2018

Kodawari Lemon Sour

Kodawari Lemon Sour photo

This can sour caught my eye because I like the design, but then I decided to give it a try.

Kodawari is 'carefully selected' and the kanji at the top of the can reads Lemon Hall (lemon dou) – I had to ask my husband how to read lemon. No wonder we usually see it in katakana!

I chose the honey lemon flavor. There are two other selections – regular lemon and salty lemon, which we haven't tried. I'm curious to see what they're like though, especially because lemon is a great  summer flavor.

The scent and flavor of honey is really delicious and overpowers the lemon taste. We really liked it – it's sweet and only 3% alcohol, so comparable to the horoyoi honey lemon chu-hai. The price is a bit more at around 140 yen a can.

I'm not sure if this is a new product or more limited edition. I haven't seen it before this summer, but it doesn't say it's seasonal.



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