Nov 4, 2018

When You Get the Wrong One

When You Get the Wrong One photo

I mean, when I get the wrong one. 

I write about Super Cup way too often on here - they should sponsor me. 

A while ago I was at the supermarket and wanted ice cream. The cheapest place for ice cream has sort of random and not always current seasonal flavors, but that's where I buy my ice cream. 

This summer, for a brief time, there was a flavor called Cafe au Lait Cookie (but in Japanese). I saw the ice cream above, which looks identical, and bought it without properly reading the label.

It is Caramel Cookie, not Cafe au Lait Cookie. My fault for being lazy.

I'm a big fan of anything coffee flavored and think caramel is okay but too sweet. There are at least three "~ Cookie" flavors I know of - the other one started out seasonal about four years ago and stuck around as a regular - Chocolate Cookie. Oh, I guess there's a Cookies and Cream one too. 

I won't be buying the Caramel Cookie again on purpose. It's not bad, I just like the coffee type better. 

Last week my student made the same mistake buying Tomato Pretz instead of Salad. The only difference is the color package.

Have you noticed both of these (or other products) that look too similar?



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  • genkidesu

    on Nov 5

    I love the Cafe au Lait Cookie one - and this packaging looks almost identical. I like caramel too...so I'd probably give it a try! But the cafe au lait cookie one is just so good that it's hard not to be disappointed, I'm sure!

  • edthethe

    on Nov 6

    I would have made the exact mistake you made because that was my first thought when I saw this.