Jul 18, 2019

Lawson Cheese Macha Frozen Party

Earlier, I wrote about discovering these weird drinks (? slurpies, slush puppies, frozen treats?) called 'Frozen Party' at Lawson. Here's what I thought of the weirdest flavor that doesn't contain marshmallows.

Lawson Cheese Macha Frozen Party photo

(The 'tenki no ko' series have marshmallows on top and are soda flavor. Too weird for me.)

Lawson Cheese Macha Frozen Party photo

Cha Cha Cha Jelly Cheese Matcha.

Alright weirdos, this is obviously for the Instagram generation. Not any cheaper than weird drinks at Starbucks at 330 yen including tax, this is quite large and dense for most Japanese sweets.

When I bought the 'drink' I was given a huge tapioca drink style straw and a tiny long spoon. The straw is totally worthless for at least 20 minutes as this baby will be frozen solid, especially at the center.

Lawson Cheese Macha Frozen Party photo

The creamy top is vaguely cheesy. Not so much. Heavy on the green tea flavor you would expect from probably not using any real tea. Sweet but not too much, and it's possible to finish the whole thing alone, but I didn't want to. My husband said that would be no problem for him as he finished it off for me.

I recommend this if you want an ice pack for at least ten minutes outside on a hot day, then a drink. 

Do you plan to try one of the Frozen Party treats this summer? I think the strawberry, mango, and chocolate flavors are worth a try. The 'tenki no ko' flavors are too scary for me.



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