Mar 29, 2019

Black Thunder Matcha Azuki Edition

Black Thunder Matcha Azuki Edition photo

These Special Black Thunder candy bars were spotted at 7-11 for 40 yen each. In some locations they're promoted with a special section, but I found mine in the usual Black Thunder location. I bought a few to share with a couple students.

They use Uji macha and Hokkaido red beans according to the packaging.

One student commented that it tasted like zenzai, which is understandable with the red beans and matcha. It's a weird wagashi flavored western snack for sure, which might be why it sounded good.

I'm a fan of matcha flavored things and like red beans, but I didn't especially like this one. It didn't have obvious beans or red bean flavor, but the matcha was strong and sweet. It was too sweet - like a western sweetened green tea. That's not a good thing for me, especially because the sweetness tasted artificial somehow. 

In addition, I always forget that I don't usually like chocolate and matcha paired together.

I recommend the standard Black Thunder or kinako flavor over this one.

Has anyone else tried this flavor?



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