Jan 14, 2019

Horse Flavored Chips

If you've ever been to Kyushu, you might know what I mean...

Horse Flavored Chips photo

In Kumamoto prefecture, horse meat, especially horse sashimi is considered a local food. (While you might be curious to try it, know that it's one of those things you might want to be careful about sharing with people back home.)

I have eaten 'basashi' or horse sashimi, as well as cooked horse meat while visiting the area (not far from where I live).

I visited Mt. Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture a couple weeks ago and my husband couldn't join us, so I grabbed this bag of 'basashi chips' to bring him as a souvenir. I think it was 350 yen for the bag we easily finished between the two of us.

Think shrimp chips in terms of texture and MSG saturation.

Instead of a seafood flavor, there is a more meaty flavor. I couldn't identify this taste as basashi if I didn't know it.

The package said they could be eaten along with the real thing. Basashi and basashi chips? I dunno, but I think they would be good drinking snacks at least.



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  • KevinC

    on Jan 15

    People back home: Let's file a lawsuit People in Japan: Let's eat it raw

  • helloalissa

    on Jan 17

    @KevinC It's so true!