Dec 27, 2017

Shortcake Ice Cream?

“Sweet's” Super Cup's seasonal and extra expensive flavor, strawberry shortcake, is available during winter.

Shortcake Ice Cream? photo

I had seen these last year and wanted to try one, but they're over twice as much as normal Super Cup, and they're a smaller amount! The size of the packaging is the same, but the amount in ml is less, for over 200 yen each.

I finally found some for a little under 200 yen so splurged for our Christmas dessert. I'm not really into cake (although they're awfully cute), so I'd rather have cake flavored ice cream. My husband would rather have 'rare' cheesecake than a (super expensive) Christmas cake. We both love ice cream, so why not?

The top of the ice cream was bright red strawberry sauce, then there was a layer of whipped cream flavored ice cream, (there is supposedly another strawberry layer we didn't notice) and the bottom was cake flavored ice cream. It was nice and I felt satisfied sharing it with my husband, even though I can usually finish off the full 200 ml size super cup.

I wasn't blown away, but also expected to like this. I haven't met a super cup I didn't like. Yet.

Anyone else try these?

(I also saw that 'Sweet's' makes a tiramisu version now, but haven't bought it.)

Shortcake Ice Cream? photo



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