Jun 30, 2017

Pie No Mi パイの実

There are so many snacks unique to Japan, often with a western, but not quite feel.

Pie No Mi パイの実 photo

Pie No Mi means 'fruit pie,' but strangely contains no fruit. I've seen this Lotte brand snack with chocolate filling and green tea filling in the past, but recently saw a 'Premium Cheese Cake' filling and thought it sounded nice to try.

For between 100-150 yen for a small box (one or two adult servings, depending on how snacky you feel, around 16 pieces), Pie No Mi is also available in bags of smaller packs (each pack a kid size serving).

Pie No Mi パイの実 photo

The bite sized snack is made up of a crispy (margarine based) baked pie crust type outside with a bit of chocolate (or other flavored) cream inside. It's somewhat nostalgic, considering pie is not popular in Japan compared with the states.

The cheese flavor was super mild and barely noticeable unfortunately. I wasn't interested after eating around half and shared the rest of the box with my husband. (Note that the picture on the box is just to illustrate the flavor, there is no cheese cake inside each snack.)



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  • Kasajizo

    on Jul 2

    I always understood it as 'Pie seeds' since they are so small and cute. No idea if it's correct though :)

  • helloalissa

    on Jul 3

    @Kasajizo That's true! It could be translated that way for sure and makes more sense. hehe, I wonder if we can plant them and grow full size pies?