Mar 17, 2019

Real Gold Vitamin Drink

I had never seen one of these little bottles of Real Gold, or tried the cans or pet bottles I sometimes see in vending machines. I thought Real Gold was only a soft drink that looked weird. 

Real Gold Vitamin Drink photo

It says 'original' so maybe this was around before the soft drink.

I was sort of feeling like a cold was trying to catch me. 

This was actually really cheap, about 70 yen, for 120 ml. I thought I'd try it so I could make it through the day - it has vitamin C and B. 

It has some other nice ingredients: honey, royal jelly, and (I think) ginseng. 

Real Gold Vitamin Drink photo

I don't see this vitamin drink in most stores, but I would use it again. It didn't make me feel like I had too much caffeine like some vitamin drinks, but I felt a lot better for the rest of the day.



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