Nov 27, 2018

Black Friday Here Too?!

Black Friday Here Too?! photo

I saw this advertisement at a local shopping center on Monday.

It left me feeling confused. Why does Japan get to have 'Black Friday,' or more like, why would they? It's a (ridiculous) American tradition of Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. What's worse, they often open stores as early as midnight, as if anyone wants to battle crowds while still digesting that huge dinner.

Japan doesn't really celebrate Christmas or buy Christmas gifts, at least not most people and not in the way us 'westerners' celebrate Christmas. Plus, there is no Thanksgiving here on the third Thursday in November. There was a holiday on Friday. It wasn't Thanksgiving though.

I've never seen Black Friday in Japan before this year. I don't think anyone here really gets it. I'm just confused. Did you notice anything like this in your area?



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  • KevinC

    on Nov 28

    Me too, they never do Black Friday or Cyber Monday in Japan before this year. Maybe because Amazon is doing it and every store started following.