Jul 31, 2018

Japanese Hair Oil

Hair oil was mostly new to me when I moved to Japan. I knew it existed, but had never used it and never had considered trying it.

I probably should have, since my hair is wavy and always has a little frizz to it.

Here in Japan I've seen a lot of Japanese hair oils which use a variety of natural ingredients (tsubaki, yuzu, and apricot, for example). Do you get frizzies from the rainy / humid season? Or does that just make the normal frizz worse like me?

I guess the typical perfectly smooth and straight Japanese hair I see every day made me more self conscious about my frizz.

I don't want to get a straight perm. My hair straightener works for about five minutes once the rainy season starts in Japan. Hair gels also worked for about five minutes to smooth out my hair. I give up on my curly bangs and clip them to the side. I'm tired of hating my wild hair all summer, but don't mind the curl. I'm trying to just go with it.

Japanese Hair Oil photo

The popular options - none of them very affordable. 

In the past I've used coconut oil as a hair oil, but right now I'm out and thinking about trying one of the popular hair oils in Japan. Tsubaki (I'm sure you've seen the brand - with the camellia flower) is probably the most popular here because this area is famous for them. Camellia oil is used for a lot of hair and skin products in Japan. Apricot seed extract might be a good option too. I'm a fan of the smell and flavor of yuzu and tried the sample at the store. I'm a little concerned that smelling like fruit during summer will attract wasps. (Maybe it's just me, but I already get cicadas flying into me more often than I want to admit.)

What products actually work for hair that's probably dried out from using Japanese shampoos? For now I'm using just a couple drops of my vitamin E oil on wet hair, and it seems to help a little.



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