Dec 11, 2017

Gaba choco is really relaxing

Gaba choco is really relaxing photo

I tried these chocolates a while ago and enjoyed the texture or chewiness so grabbed a package of the 'bitter' chocolate again. Gaba is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel relaxed when we're stressed out. I'm not sure how effective it is and how much we need to feel any change, but it seems to work. The chocolates have gaba powder mixed in. At around 150 yen for a little bag, it's not bad for a tasty & sweet snack anyway. (One bag contains around 25 pieces and the suggestion is to eat five as a serving.)

When I was especially stressed about preparing for a new course, I ate some of these. My mood went from feeling anxious to not really caring about the situation.

I know part of the reason I felt better was from getting exercise, but maybe the gaba really helped.

If I'm feeling hyper and can't just relax and enjoy my weekend, I wonder if it will help me calm down. Sometimes I need a cup of hot tea and some aromatherapy, or to just wear myself out so I have to stop. If I want to relax sooner than that, enjoying some of this chocolate might do the trick.



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