Jun 23, 2019

Seasonal Flavors: Ume

Ume fruits were falling off the trees like crazy around here in the last month and the green Japanese apricots are sold for making umeboshi, umeshu, and umesu. Even ume jam is possible, but these fruits aren't for eating fresh as they'll upset your tummy. 

Not everyone likes ume - in fact the first time I tried a sour ume candy, I hated it. It took me a little time to grow to love umeboshi and the other ume-flavored products.

I'm used to seeing the products made with ume, but ume flavored things are generally limited to cough drops and gum, candy and cocktails.

The thing is, ume are really high in vitamin C and good for helping your body deal with summer heat.

I noticed this season has more ume flavored products than I've previously noticed.

Seasonal Flavors: Ume photo

Both Suntory and Itoen are selling ume flavored waters. The Suntory brand is salty and the Itoen brand is more sour like umesu (drinking vinegar). I tried the Itoen one and it's one of those things a lot of people might hate because of the sourness. I liked it but it takes a minute to get used to.

Seasonal Flavors: Ume photo

I also spotted ume and yuzu sherbet which I'm curious about but reluctant to try. I think it's because the Kracie brand also makes shampoo... so that's just weird.

Have you seen any new ume-flavored products you'd recommend?



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  • Okkie

    on Jun 27

    Don't forget StrongZero Umeboshi https://www.reddit.com/r/japancirclejerk/comments/3nfjn1/stroppy_little_bitch_only_in_japan/