Aug 29, 2018

Come'on Fall!

Hah, maybe around the northern hemisphere, we're all ready for fall after this too hot summer. I love seeing the signs of fall and actually the fall foods are starting to ripen too early this year.

I saw this lovely display of 'sweet potato & chestnut fair' snacks at the store the other day.

Come'on Fall! photo

Seasonal flavors are the best!

Looking forward to eating the fresh seasonal fall foods soon. Collecting chestnuts and making rice with them is so yummy.

For now, I got this chestnut soy milk.

Come'on Fall! photo

It says chestnut and 'wasanbon' which is a fancy Japanese sugar. It was disappointing because it just tastes like sweet soy milk. I'll wait for the real thing and it should be in season soon.



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  • Lyssays

    on Aug 30

    This summer has been so long and unpleasant! I can't wait for some good autumn weather. I'm a bit dubious about the sweet potato snacks, much as I like them as their regular vegetable selves, but chestnut = yum!