Mar 6, 2019

Gaba Chocolate's Stress Fortune

Spring is around the corner, which means I'm a little frazzled.

With the combination of spring allergies, changing work schedules (a new job as well), paying taxes, paying taxes back home, and just keeping up in general, I have some stress.

Most of this is good stress, as in exciting new changes, but it's still hard. I reached for an old standby: Gaba Chocolate for the stress relieving benefits (if it is in fact effective).

Gaba Chocolate's Stress Fortune photo

I bought it because of the new attached 'stress mikuji' or stress fortune with the funny pictures. So let's see what the stress fortune tells me.

Gaba Chocolate's Stress Fortune photo

Ah, "cho lucky" great...

I had trouble reading this small print and asked my husband, who also had trouble. The font is a little hard to read.

Even after we figured out what the kanji said, (無縁 muen and 捗るhakadoru specifically), the meaning is sort of confusing because of how it's worded. Something like being able to get over stress quickly and power through at work.

Anyway, it's not that I take these things seriously, it's sort of just for fun.

I think going for walks (when it's not super rainy at least) is more effective for stress relief. I hope everyone is dealing with spring stress better than I am. 



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