Nov 12, 2017

Matcha Latte Oreo Crispy

Matcha Latte Oreo Crispy photo

I was not displeased with the Tiramisu variety of Crispy Oreos. As green tea / matcha is one of my top five favorite flavors, how could this go wrong?

First of all, chocolate with green tea flavor isn't something I've had often, but I've had it in one example where it fit well: chocolates with fresh cream matcha filling, both Melty Kiss and Furuta (nama cream) brands with the same sort of concept. I do not like chocolate with coffee flavor a lot of the time, but in these cases, chocolate with matcha flavor was great.

I'm not 100% if I like these or not, but they are good, especially the crispiness. They aren't as good as matcha ice cream or the fresh cream chocolates, but it's fun to try something different. I guess I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them again, but that's also true of biscuits / cookies in general for me.

I hadn't seen any flavored Oreos in the states the last time I was there / living there, but researched online and found there are over 50 (really weird) flavors they have released there. I saw strawberry and chocolate Oreos for the first time in Japan. I'm so glad we only get basic and Japanese taste flavors here. Peanut butter flavor might be good, but some of the flavors available in the states sound too sweet and full of food coloring for me.

P.S. Top five favorite flavors: coffee, matcha, strawberry, kinako, and black sesame. What are yours?



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