Apr 7, 2019

Chiba Peanuts: Cherry Blossoms Flavor

Chiba Peanuts: Cherry Blossoms Flavor photo

While omiyage shopping, I picked up a small bag of flavored peanut snacks. I love these and even though my husband is from Chiba, he says they aren't a popular way to eat peanuts. I really like the basic susume no tamago soy sauce and nori savory peanuts as a drinking snack, but have tried a huge variety of flavored peanuts also.

I guess because of the season, cherry blossoms sounded nice to try, but I should have known better. There was even an article recently posted here about how 'sakura flavor' is over-rated watered down cherry flavor. I don't even like cherry flavor. 

My husband and I snacked on them but felt very 'meh' about the flavor. The coating reminded me a little of a yogurt covered pretzel. There's a creamy, flowery, cherry flavor, but the crunchy candied peanut part is way better than that.

I would recommend peanut snacks, but maybe not this flavor. At over 400 yen for an 80 gram bag (yet to be finished because they aren't great) they are also a bit too expensive for regular snacking. Check out "Fusa no Eki" brand if you're in Chiba - just try one of their many other flavors instead.



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