Aug 29, 2018

Weird takes on Ginger Ale and Lemon Tea

I love Japan for their weird beverages, but sometimes I am just not interested, other than for the weird factor.

First we have a seasonal peach ginger ale.

Weird takes on Ginger Ale and Lemon Tea photo

While I'm glad that Japan does sell Canada Dry ginger ale (for those rare occasions when my stomach is upset or I want to skip on alcohol when I'm out), I don't generally drink soda or want to try a peach ginger ale. It doesn't sound good at all somehow. I saw a peach Coke also this year. Did any of you soda drinkers try these?

Maybe it's this combination of flavors or just the fact that I don't like to mix certain flavors together (or too many flavors).

Weird takes on Ginger Ale and Lemon Tea photo

(horrible photo, I apologize) 

Next is an Orange tea. I'm a fan of lemon tea (which started on a visit to Hong Kong, with Lipton Tea), although it's too sweet for me.

This version of "CrafTea" (clever name) is intriguing, and I did try it once. I like it, but not enough that I'd buy it again. There are two reasons. First is the price, at 140+ yen for less than 500 ml from vending machines. Then there's the too sweet factor, but also it has a syrupy aftertaste that I don't like.

It's twice as strong tea, which is great as I like tea and coffee strong. The orange flavor is a nice take on lemon tea, but why? When lemon is such a popular flavor during summer, why release an orange version of the classic?

(I haven't seen any other flavors of CrafTea. I'd try a lemon salt tea or yuzu tea in Japan before using orange. I guess there are a ton of fruit flavored black teas available in Japan and I do like apple tea on occasion. I guess I think of orange as a winter fruit and an imported fruit, mostly.)



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