Jun 20, 2018

Limited Time Acerola Sour

Limited Time Acerola Sour photo

This limited time "every day refreshing acerola" flavored sour by Suntory caught my eye with its fun illustrations. No purine (if you're looking to avoid any uric acid), 50% off saccharides, and 5% alcohol content.

Contains citric acid, plus acerola is known for its vitamin C superpower. A little more expensive than the Suntory Horoyoi at around 140 yen a can.

It's a little funny when alcohol pretends to be healthy, but I like it in theory, if there are no fake sugars involved and the taste is still good. In fact I usually love the sours that have real juice and less sugar in them. Healthy enough for 'every day?' Probably not for me.

I remember not even knowing what acerola was about ten years ago. I thought it was some kind of cherry and left it at that. Now that I've tried it and know it's a great source of vitamin C, sometimes I'll buy the juice when I need some C in my life.

This sour was a similar taste to the juice, which I think is too sweet, but less sweet. It tastes like a lighter carbonated acerola juice with alcohol, which was super mild for 5% because I didn't notice it. As expected, it was really refreshing and fun to try. I wouldn't mind if they had this all the time. 



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