Jun 23, 2019

Cilantro Fried Chicken Potato Chips

Oh Japan, I love your weird flavors of just about every snack.

I had to try these Calbee "Pakuchi Kara-age Potato Chips."

Cilantro Fried Chicken Potato Chips photo

Pakuchi is the best for some people and others can't tolerate it. (Cilantro or coriander, for those not familiar with all of the names it goes by.) I'm a fan and combining it with Japanese style fried chicken sounds like a southeast Asian flavor combo.

Cilantro Fried Chicken Potato Chips photo

The smell was a little weird, but the flavor was definitely fried chicken on the first taste. 

The thing is, I didn't notice any cilantro smell or flavor, although you can see a few tiny green specks on the chips. I think if you are one of those who hates cilantro, you would pick up on the flavor, but I would have liked to actually notice it.



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