Nov 13, 2017

Gum in Japan

Gum, like snacks and food packaging in general, can be really entertaining in Japan. It's not all bizarre, but some names and flavors are unique.  

Mint is the most popular, probably like elsewhere around the world.

Gum in Japan photo

Flavono, it does not mean 'no flavor,' it's a ’breath refreshing' mint gum.

Green gum, which you may have seen, is also mint flavored.

Gum in Japan photo

No Time, as in no time to brush your teeth.

There are also lots of fruit flavored gums. Some of it seems weird to me, but I almost forgot the watermelon bubble gum I loved as a kid. 

Gum in Japan photo

Now that I think of it, there was some bizaare gum I tried when I was young, like strong cinnamon, clove, and maybe black licorice flavors. I'm sure there aren't ume and blueberry flavored gum in the US though, that's really unique to Japan.

Other unique fruit flavors I've seen are apple pie and peach.

Gum in Japan photo

These little pots of gum have different (sponsors?) characters associated with different flavors. (Fruits and Blueberry again.)

What's the strangest gum you've tried in Japan?



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