Aug 23, 2018

Melon What?

Namakemono beat me to it with a different perspective on all the melon flavors we can find this summer.

I don't dislike melon (also known as cantaloupe), but it isn't my favorite and I get a sore throat if I eat the fresh fruit, so I mostly avoid it. 

Before I mentioned this local grocery shop in town, Melon Dome, and they had free samples of melon wine the first time I went! That was definitely a first. It was unique but half a sample was enough for me.

Japan loves their melon.

Melon What? photo

I found melon corn flakes and thought that was strange. Sometimes we can see strawberry or blueberry, which sounds more appealing to me.

Melon What? photo

I also found Calpis melon cream soda. Gross.

Sorry, I don't like soda.

Melon soda is so popular in Japan – you've probably seen the scary bright green stuff if you've ever been to a drink bar.

I can't get on board with the melon, so I'm on the no thanks to melon team.



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