Nov 3, 2017

Engrish Everywhere

Strange signage is just the beginning. Let's say it's a ... hobby of mine to take photos of Engrish I see on a regular basis. 

I think 'Kiss My Nagasaki' is a reference to a group called Kis-My-Ft2 or something. This poster is advertising seven new trains from Hakata to Nagasaki. We like Nagasaki too, but ... okay.


Super cute posters in the Iwataya Department Store.

Smart Wrapping must be what kangaroo pouches are. Or trains are ... these posters would make good wrapping paper. 'My Bag' must be like 'My House.' Got it, bring your own bag to the department store. Use public transportation too while you're at it. Let's save energy and reduce global warming, right. And let me use these posters as wrapping paper when you take them down.

DOES. We are not talking about medication here.

I see there is a holiday season mentioned. Thank you (I think) for writing the date two different ways. The simple way to say this is 'NO SERVICE (from Dazaifu Station) January 1st-3rd, 2017.'

That time is coming up again. I think I'd better go there to help them.

Shuttle Bus, got it. Please wait IN here? Where?

Wait in the station? That's where I want to go yes. In the shuttle bus? Oh, in the lobby?

"Please wait here" will do the trick.

I'll be right here. Next to this sign.

I think you get the idea. There is maternity in the car. Maternity is safety. But are you?

Now I understand. Prams, strollers, trolleys, whatever you call them in English, are called 'baby car' in Japanese English.

BABY IN CAR is too easy. But this is an unfinished baby, so it's maternity. For a little while longer - she looks ready. Then it's time to get one of those BABY IN CAR signs. (And ask others to drive safely.)

Please, keep my baby. I don't want it anymore.

We don't really need any text here. Many forms of these little gender stereotypes are used all over the world to represent toilets for some reason. The powder room must take women into the past (where she still had arms) and I hope resto isn't short for restaurant. Why do we say rest room anyway? 

On a local bus. Step Attention might be the literal translation.

I always wonder about the circumstances leading up to the need to label obvious things. STEP.

I'm a 'space cadet' but I still sorta look where I'm going. If someone has their face in their smartphone, they aren't going to look up to see this sign any more than they're going to notice a step.

Her's hair? I'm so confused.

There are a surplus of store signs / sign names where I just play a game guessing what kind of store it is. This is a fairly obvious women's hair salon, probably, but I could be wrong. Dog grooming?

I still regret not buying this sweater. I would feel embarrassed to wear it, but it makes me tired of laughing. Laughing is not satisfactory I think. I'm satisfied by laughing. It's not funny anymore.

Comment if you want the multiple choice 'What Kind of Store is This?' game.



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