Jul 3, 2018

Rarr! Wild Meat!

Rarr! Wild Meat! photo

Crazy limited edition flavors in Japan are not new to me. Not even the Doritos versions I've seen, like salt and pepper BBQ or sour umeboshi. I'm not sure if "Tacos" flavor is a real flavor in the US, but I imagine it could be. I only remember Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

This limited time special flavor is a promotional flavor for Jurassic World so it has a scary velociraptor on it, yay. (Yes, I had to look up how to spell that.)

At first when I saw the word "BLUE" and saw the picture, I thought it was blue corn tortilla chips. These aren't very unusual back home, but here in Japan (other than Doritos), tortilla chips are rare in general. Sometimes that sounds really good with some guacamole, but plain tortilla chips are no where to be found. By the way, these aren't made with blue corn. It's food coloring.

Under the word blue, it says, 'wild meat flavor.' Whoa! Dinosaur flavored chips!

A quick check of the ingredients list was disappointing. I don't think that dinosaur tasted like pork. Not even wild boar (inoshishi). Probably more like chicken.

Anyway, I took a pass on these, even at 55 yen for a small bag. The blue food coloring scares me a little. Is it because dinosaurs were blue? Or dinosaur meat was blue? 

There are way too many of these weird limited edition snacks in Japan to try them all. I'm always tempted to, but sort of limit it to the flavors or snacks that I'm sure I like.

Weird snacks are so perfect for an easy way to please any kids you might visit on a trip back home. Especially Star Wars and Jurassic World promotional stuff. So if you have nieces and nephews or young siblings back home, I recommend this sort of thing. Cheaper than traditional omiyage, light, and a flavor that won't be too scary. (Just say it's made with velociraptor meat. Because we eat that in Japan.)

Don't open that bag -the dinosaur will escape!



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