Jul 24, 2018

The Danger Face

The Danger Face photo

Danger Face!

I've been looking at this danger face for a couple weeks now and can somehow still laugh. It's supposed to be 36 degrees again tomorrow. Oh boy.

The Yahoo weather page shows this sad and dead looking face when the weather is at a dangerous level. It also reminds us to stay indoors in a cool place today (again). It says heat stroke (nettsushou) information, but I guess that's the only information they want to tell us. Actually that's on my phone, but on the laptop it shows 'heat stroke index' instead. That makes a lot more sense.

I checked the English version of Yahoo Weather and they don't even have a heatstroke index. No danger faces for English speakers?

Actually, this is serious stuff and we should take care during this time.

Supposedly, the worst of the heat wave should be over this week. I guess that means the mosquitoes will be back?



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