May 22, 2018

Vegan Cup Noodle? Even good for Meat-eaters

I had family visiting recently that happened to be vegans, so my wife and I did our best to accommodate their diet.  My wife knew about a vegan restaurant in Tokyo, T's Tantan, that also distributes vegan Cup Noodles for home consumption, so she ordered a case of 12 from Amazon

Our family guests weren't here long enough to consume all of them, so since we had some leftovers, I reckoned I would give them a shot.

Vegan Cup Noodle? Even good for Meat-eaters photo

I'm about as far opposite as you can get from a Vegan, but I have to say that these noodles were actually really good!  They are also slightly healthier than your standard cup noodle because the noodles are not fried, and the vegan ingredients ensure that there are no sneaky pork or beef ingredients that might run counter to religious as well as dietary restrictions.

In short, I recommend these for both vegans and non-vegans alike!

T's Tantan has store fronts and an online shop.  Check out the website here for more info!



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