Apr 7, 2019

Are Japanese Band Names Crazy, Awesome, or Crazy Awesome?

There’s a musical festival coming up in our town here, and I had to take a photo because of the bands that are performing.

Are Japanese Band Names Crazy, Awesome, or Crazy Awesome? photo

Check out those band names...Scary Scream is pretty good, but the top three are definitely these:

Kid Iraq

Plastic Koba Band

Rocket Joe & Mafia

Japan has always had some pretty interesting band names, including mainstream performers and groups like Kiss My Foot, Mr. Children, and Sekai no Owari (End of the World).  I find them entertaining, but less because of the seeming randomness of the name selection and more so because the names give you absolutely no context for what kind of group or music to expect.  I mean, Kid Iraq sounds like it could be a punk or metal band, but it very well could be some folky group or a single performer on stage. 

Guess I’ll have to go to the festival to find out!

Do you like Japanese band names? Any other good ones to add? Feel free to use the comments section below!



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