Oct 30, 2018

Not quite the UFC I was expecting

I’ve been a fight fan for as long as I can remember, and while I tend to enjoy boxing more than mixed martial arts, I grew up watching UFC bouts.  I’m also aware that MMA (UFC included) is quite popular in Japan, so the flyer board at my local supermarket caught my eye:

Not quite the UFC I was expecting photo

You can see the big “UFC” on the middle left flyer.  For a second, I thought, Oh, maybe they’re having an amateur MMA night or an exhibition of Japanese UFC fighters around here somewhere.  Cool.

Then I took a closer look...

Not quite the UFC I was expecting photo

...Uonuma Folk Club.

Those things aren’t at all alike, unless each song ends with an epic fight in a caged octagon.  Actually, that’s something that I would be game to watch.  Sounds like I need to write in a suggestion to the club...



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