Sep 14, 2017

Why do I love Sumo again? Because you can watch it on-demand!

Sumo was not a sport I grew up enjoying, at least I don't remember enjoying it. Then again, there was really only one way to watch it back then: watching the whole dang thing. You couldn't just fast forward through the long pauses in between bouts or skip ahead to watch your favorite wrestlers. Now, I guess some people really enjoy the pomp and ceremony that comes with Sumo, but there's only so much salt throwing and bow twirling I can watch before my attention starts to wane.

However, in today's "on demand" world, one can enjoy the best parts of sumo without having to sit through all of the less interesting parts, and I find myself captivated during every tournament now. My new favorite Sports show is NHK World's Grand Sumo Highlights, available either live on the TV channel or on demand on the NHK World App. While you don't get every bout in the 25 minute program, you can watch all of the top matches. To me, it's the best way to catch all of the action!

Why do I love Sumo again?  Because you can watch it on-demand! photo

Do you enjoy the ceremonial aspects of Sumo? If you do, feel free to explain why in the comments section below. Maybe I can still be convinced that all of that is worth watching!



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