Sep 22, 2018

Japan takes the “Game of Life” Seriously

Did anyone else here grow up playing “the Game of Life?”  You know the one with the spinner wheel and the little car that you stick plastic family members as you progress?  I used to love that game, but it never changed for the 18 years that I was growing up.

So imagine my surprise with I saw this in the Aeon department store today:

Japan takes the “Game of Life” Seriously photo

“The Game of Life: Time Slip”

It’s a Life game that has different eras ranging from 1968-2068. The box also had a lot more pieces than I ever remember.

I looked around and saw a bunch of other expansion packs for the games, too, and I noticed that the game was such as you could add boards to it to make it longer and more dynamic.  Crazy!

Has anyone played these versions of the game yet?  Are they worth the purchase?



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  • edthethe

    on Sep 22

    omg i think my daughter would love this! she got monopoly for her birthday, but i think she might be getting another board game soon