May 3, 2018

Allergy Meds for Young Children in Japan

I hate spring in Japan.

Let me rephrase that: I love most things about spring in Japan, but my hatred for kafunsho knows no bounds. Kafunsho, for those of you who do not know, is the Japanese term for cedar pollen allergy. Sugi, or Japanese cedar, is a very useful tree when it comes to the lumber and construction industries. The trees grow straight, they grow quickly, and the wood is strong, making them great for planting, harvesting, and using. They were so great in fact, that Japanese public and private interests planted them all over the country.

But like many things there are second and third order consequences. In this case, the Japanese public discovered that sugi happens to produce some of the most irritating pollen out there. Generations of Japanese have suffered from escalating pollen counts and the resulting kafunsho, as have I.

What is even more disconcerting though is that I have passed on my weak immunity to pollen to my children who are now also suffering from the shortsighted decision to plant cedar trees all over Japan.

So what do I give them to help alleviate runny noses and sore throats stemming from cedar pollen allergy?  If I was in the states, it would be benadryl, but out here, finding something appropriate is a bit tougher

Here is my recommendation for all of you out there who might have young children suffering from allergies:

Allergy Meds for Young Children in Japan photo

The Muhi brand offers a wide range of medicines for smaller children (from 3 months old to 7 years), but this one targets head congestion including that caused by allergies.  You can find it at almost any drug store in Japan, including Welcia, which is our local drug store.  It will be in the children medication section of the store, and if you don't read Japanese, just match up the Kanji to make sure you're grabbing the correct bottle off the shelves since there are many different types.

Using the medication is straightforward.  The directions are pictured below:

Allergy Meds for Young Children in Japan photo

For those of you who have trouble with Japanese, allow me to translate the dosages:

3-7 years old: 10 mL

1-3 years old: 7.5 mL

6 months - 1 year: 6 mL

3 - 6 months: 5 mL

Under 3 months: Do not use

Administer after each meal (or as required).  Wait at least four hours between doses, and do not exceed six doses in one day.

Do you have any questions?  Any other recommended allergy medications for children?  Feel free to use the comments section below!



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