Sep 14, 2017

Who's Your Favorite Sumo Wrestler?

Now that I've gotten back into sumo, I find myself rooting for ("barracking for" for any Aussies out there) two wrestlers (Rikishi) in particular:


Who's Your Favorite Sumo Wrestler? photo

...and Yoshikaze.

Who's Your Favorite Sumo Wrestler? photo

Why those two? Well, first and foremost, Tochinoshin represents a wrestler who wins on technique rather than sheer size and power, and Yoshikaze is one who wins on heart. I call Yoshikaze "Bee Sting" because his face has been battered so much from torpedoing his opponents face first that it has a perpetual puffiness to it.

I also appreciate that Tochinoshin represents a country very different from Japan. I feel great pride in foreign wrestlers who can make it in Japan. Maybe that's because I'm a foreigner trying to make it in Japan as well. The biases and obstacles based on my foreign origins that I face may be different than the hurdles that the native Georgian Tochinoshin faces in the dohyo, but there are enough parallels to make his success that much sweeter for me.

Who is your favorite sumo wrestler? Why? Tell me in the comments section below!



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