Oct 21, 2018

No Wonder Tully’s Barista’s Black coffee tastes so good

Japan has no shortage of canned coffees.  Boss, Tully’s, Emerald...the list of brands goes on and on, and there are all different types of coffees under each brand.

My favorite of the bunch is Tully’s Barista Black. Hot or cold, it’s always tasty and never bitter.

Well, I normally don’t examine the cans as I drink the coffee, but it just so happened that the can was sitting at a table that was eye level and I noticed something for the first time:

No Wonder Tully’s Barista’s Black coffee tastes so good photo

Tully’s Barista Black has 10% Mocha in it!  Well, that explains why it’s smoother than other black coffees.  Also interesting that they mix African and South American roasts in there, too.  So I guess the secret to a good black coffee is a varied mix with a bit of mocha in it!



Hitting the books once again as a Ph.D. student in Niigata Prefecture. Although I've lived in Japan many years, life as a student in this country is a first.

Blessed Dad. Lucky Husband. Happy Gaijin (most of the time).

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  • edthethe

    on Oct 21

    Tully's was always my favorite. Nice noticing that can. If never have guessed but did always wonder why it's so good.